Decals and Stickers for a 69 Camaro

Steve Singerman

Where can I find the exact placement for the decals on a SBC Camaro. For example the side decal for a cowl induction air filter hosing that tells you to keep your car all GM (not the motor size and horsepower), the blue GM plates that go on the door edges, tire air pressure decal, and the trunk spare instruction sticker.


have you tried classic industries? they have alot of stickers


I have the stickers. I just need to know the exact placement. Thanks


Hi, I am having the exact same problem. I don't know where any of the decals go…does anyone know of some kind of guide or website that tells you where to place the decals?

Thanks, Julio


Hi Julio. After some research I have found where the stickers go. Also look at cars for sell on ebay. Just make sure they are „concours“ cars, a word that is very vague after 35 years. Very few people actually put stickers back or even place them in the correct location. Contact me if you need more information. I will send you pictures. Since these stickers were put on by hand and not by machines back then, the location may vary a bit from car to car.


hello, I need your help with the location of all factory stickers for a 69 camaro


Hi Fred, Tell me which ones you need. If you give me your email address I can send you pictures.


i need help with all the placement of my decals for my 69 camaro

J Trouten

Steve can you send me pics of the sticker locations for 69 camaro? thanks

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