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adam Castro

i recently ordered a wiring harness from you and i was wondering if you could help in the way it goes in. i connected all the wiring but there are a few fuses i dont understand. i put all the right fuses in but the last four on the left side of the fuse box becuase i have never seen then before. could you help me ? if there is a number i could call please let me know

Mr. Bowtie

Adam, Call Don Bock at American Auto Wire in New Jersey at 1 800 482-WIRE. He will help guide you through your harness installation. Thank You.

barry britton
5 months ago

i was told by your customer services that I could find some technical installation help on a few items that I purchased from you for my 56 belair 2 dr hard top . I can not find anything on your web site

barry britton
5 months ago

I have purchased a complete interior kit from you including the wind lace for the edge of the rear quarter. I also bought the bracket with the black rubber 3 " piece and square head. i assumed this was to be attached to the 3/4 rubber wrapped in the vinyl . I crazy glued it but can't get the vinyl high enough to cover the black rubber and fit it under the 1/4 window trim. It doesn't seem to fit, no matter which way I put it or which side I use . Is there any technical printed information that can set me straight.

Mr Bowtie
5 months ago

Barry, The upper, stamped steel wind lace end bracket you purchased was originally installed with wire to the foam round core of the wind lace, then wrapped with vinyl, from the factory. Odd design, only used in 1955–7 Chevrolet two door hardtop and convertible models.

Email me at and I will send you a picture of the original with the steel bracket installed.

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