U-BOX IT frame it for chevelles


I think the time has come for someone to fabracate a „boxed“ frame kit for a 67 Chevelle. I would gladly cut off mine and send in for measurements. Then when we need to replace a convertable frame we could get a hard top frame and just weld on the U-BOX-IT frame kit. Is C.A.R.S. interested is said money making venture? Please let me know


Put me in for one of these long needed kits…

Brad Bliven

Has there been a response from CARS on this offer?

R. Henry
2 months ago

I have a 1964 Chevelle convertible, that requires one of those „U-Box-It Kits“ for the 1964–67 Chevelles. We Canadians need these kits, the sooner the better. If you make it, we will buy it. My only concern is, that this product is not available yet. Hopefully, it is only a matter of time before someone jumps on this opportunity, to add one more needed part to the Chevelle Catalogue. Cars Inc. Thank you, for listen to our plea.

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