1956 Chevy turn signal stopped working

4 months ago

The left hand turn signals on my 56 chevy stopped working the other day. Front, back and the indicator light on the dash. I am wondering if the place to start looking for the problem is on the steering column or is there some other place where they all the could be affected. I am a complete novice when it comes to this type of thing so any advice or instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Mr Bowtie
3 months ago

Garry, Thanks for your patience. There is an exploded view of the 1956 Chevrolet turn signal mechanical items with step by step installation and removal instructions in the steering section of the 1955 shop manual. The 1955–6 shares the same shop manual for this repair section of the car.

You didn't specify. However if you are referring to the turn signal not shutting off after the turn is completed, there are two turn signal canceling pawls. They are small plastic pieces which usually crack after 50 years and fall apart. We carry these, part number 1363 for $6.95 pair. These shut off the turn signal after the turn is completed. We also carry the turn signal switch and all the other turn signal parts.

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