1956 Chevy 210 car--- convert generator to alternator

Keith Simshauser

I have a bone stock 1956 Chevy 210, 4– door car, original 265 motor, it has the original stock automatic transmission. it has the SHORT water pump, NO A/C, it has the original stock exhaust manifold with the 2 bolt holes on drivers side that the stock generator mounted to… My question is- I want to convert to my new chrome 60 amp alternator. 1 wire setup for now… BUT what brackets do I use… Can you send me a website along with the correct PART # because I'm not sure exactly what I need to fit my car. ALSO, When I convert to my alternator do I need a longer single groove V belt or will the original size belt that was used on the generator work??? Send me detailed part #‚s, AND. Detailed instructions step by step on how to do a fast and easy install instructions for a 1 wire setup. I‘ve never converted to alternator so I'm not sure the correct parts I need and HOW TO… Email me back ONLY at, lurch0930@gmail.com

Mr Bowtie

A new one wire alternator should bolt up to your original generator bracket. This way you do not need all the other original generator wiring.


Send me a detailed picture so I know how it is mounted, because I tried the original lower generator bracket bolted to my stock exhaust manifold, an the alternator sits a few inches back, and needs to be moved forward to line up with the original pulleys… Send a detailed picture how it's mounted to. Even if I made a custom F bracket that's longer so I can be in line, the inside plate of stock bracket makes it bump up against the bottom base of alternator not allowing me to put the original stock single V groove belt… But if I use that same bracket it will however swing to the other side as if I was adjusting it tighter. But ya the base of the alternator is too thick to swing it over towards the motor. Generator bracket has a bolt hole on each end, but with the alternator bolted on to it, the middle backing plate stops the alternator from moving closer in towards the pulleys… I thought about using angle iron L shape and bolting to exhaust manifold and putting the F shape bracket right on top side of the angle iron, with the F bracket facing up instead of sideways… Allowing me to rotate it more east to west and adjusting it north to south to inline it… Would that work too…??? But send me a picture on how it should look like just using the stock bracket only… Send a picture to lurch0930@gmail.com Thank you


I didn't get your 2nd reply to my last question I posted… Email me the answer at lurch0930@gmail.com

Ervin Dennis
9 months ago

I tried the same thing my new 1 wire alternator won't work with the original generator bracket either, I have a 1956 with short water pump and original exhaust manifold

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