66 bel air engine frame mounts


I have a 66 bel air that has a 396 big block that was in installed by the person I purchased it from. I have noticed that he has washers on the motor mounts. This was his attempt to have the center drag link to clear the oil pan which did not work. He also has shimmed up the transmisson so the shifter linkage would clear . My question is where do I find the correct engine frame mounts?

Mr. Bowtie

For 1966 Bel Air factory big block frame mounts try www.yearone.com

For a possible match on good used mounts try Desert Valley Auto Parts in Phoenix, Arizona at 1 800 905–8024.

Another lead for good used frame mounts, try Sundell Auto Parts in North Carolina at 1 704 434–6759.


i have a 1966 impala 350 chageto 402 engine set high frame mount are high how can i low the engine


Use the Big Block motor mount from the engine to the frame. Book shows small and big engine used different mount. A2283


11 months ago

I have installed a big block in my 66 bel air. I put on a set of hooker headers and instructions said I had to use the big block tall motor mounts. the big block mounts are to narrow to go on the frame mounts. I made solid mounts in order to get the motor in the car. I don't like'm. somewhere somebody has to make a wide big block mount. anybody know who makes a wide big block mount?

11 months ago

Sounds like you are using the 6 cyl frame mounts.

8 months ago

nope, they are v-8 stands. I'm in the process of putting a big block in a Biscayne and am having the same problem. going to try and use small block mounts cause they are 2.5" wide. sure would like to find a supply of tall mounts that are 2.5" wide. seems like a lot of folks need the same thing.

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