1957 chevy rear quarter panels for 210 2 door post



I'm looking to replace both rear quarter panels on my 2 door post 57 chevy 210. I'm having a hard time finding full rear quarter panels. I've seen side notes saying you can modify coupe & conv. rear quarters to fit. What is all needed to do this? Or does anyone know or have a pair of rear quarters they would be willing to sell? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


there is a pair of used ones on ebay for 150's

Mr Bowtie

Eric, The „B“ pillar and top of the quarter are the areas which are different when comparing the hardtop to the sedan quarter panel.

The hardtop quarter panels have been successfully modified to fit the sedans for years.

The 1957 2 door hardtop quarter panels are part numbers 1078 and 1079, which are $699.00 each and both in stock.

Email me at www.sales@carsinc.com and I will scan a picture to your email showing you the modifications.

The 1957 Chevrolet 2 door sedan quarter panels will not be available new for at least a few months. They may be available in approximately late Spring 2013.

Don Wise

Can anyone send me pictures or precise cuts showing me modifications for 1957 convertible quarter panel to a 1957 – 150?

Mr Bowtie

Don, Email me at www.sales@carsinc.com and I will email a picture showing you all the modifications needed to fit a 1957 2 door hardtop quarter panel onto a 1957 150 2 door sedan.


Mr Bowtie, I have emailed you twice. Am I getting something wrong? Thank you in advance for your help.

Mr Bowtie

Don, Thanks for your patience. Please send your request again to www.sales@carsinc.com

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