63 Bel-Air and Impala Body Side Moldings


Are two door Bel-Air and Impala body side moldings the same length?

Mr. Bowtie

Doug, The fender and door moldings will be the same length. On the quarter molding lengths try Phil Reed's Classsic Chevy in Kansas City, Missouri at 1 817 586–1109.

1963 Impala 2 door hardtop and convertible quarter panel moldings measure 87 inches in length. CARS INC part number is 9494.

We do not carry the 1963 Bel Air quarter panel moldings, otherwise I would gladly measure the length on them also.

Call Phil and ask him kindly if he has any he can measure for you. Phil may just know off the top of his memory if they are the same length. Anyone out there have a set they can measure for Doug? Help a guy out.


Can I get a trunk replacement floor for 63belair 2 door post

Mr Bowtie

Welz, The 1963 bel air 2 door post lower trunk well part of the trunk floor is available as part number 6514 for $59.00

Or the full trunk well and sides as one piece is available as part number 13137 for $449.00

Order at www.carsinc.com or call us to order at 1 800 CARS INC

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