1972 Monte Carlo

Ryan B

I am restoring/modifying a 1972 Monte Carlo to be my street machine, but stalled when I noticed that the rear window frame is rusted all the way through, and above the front windshield, from a-piller to a-piller is rusted through, right under the chrome trim… Several other people I have talked to on www.firstgenerationmontecarlo.com.com have also had these same rust issues with these cars… How hard would it be for a manufacturer to produce replacement roof skins and inner structures where the rear glass is set?

Ryan B

All the people I have talked to on www.firstgenerationmontecarlo.com that have ran into this same problem have had very bad luck finding donor cars. Most of these cars came with vinyl tops from the factory, which trapped moisture and made the underlying rust even harder to find until it was too late. I have been searching for over 3 months for a donor car and do not have the tools to fabricate my own replacement metal, a lot of people opted to part out these cars, but they are getting harder and harder to find, expesially without the rust, and people like me would rather start with a project, instead of sheiling out $8000 for a car that has been garage kept and/or had the roof rust caught early and repaired, and since I already have a complete car, I would really like some help, any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks, Ryan.

Mr. Bowtie

Ryan we do make some floor pans for this car and some other sheetmetal but with the cost of tooling and the few out there that would need these parts i doubt we would ever make this piece you might try calling sundell auto for a used one 1–704–434–6759

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