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The upper steering coupling on my '64 Impala is very loose and woobly. Can it be repaired and do you sell kits to do that – or should I just replace it with a steering shaft u-joint?


I forgot to add that my Impala has Manual Steering.

Mr. Bowtie

CARS INC carries an upper steering column bearing part #11560 for 1964–1966 Impala's without tilt wheel. It is $19.95 and in stock. If this bearing is worn out it will make the steering wheel loose. Complete step by step repair instructions, with pictures and an exploded view of the steering column without tilt wheel are in the 1961 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual, which is the same steering column as the 1964 Impala. CARS INC also carries this manual, part #3886 which is $28.00 and in stock.

Order at www.carsinc.com or call us at 1 800 CARS INC


Are you talking about the upper slip joint under the hood where the shaft comes thru the firewall?

Chevy Dude

Doc, if you are refering to the piece that connects the
steering column to the steering box , that is the steering coupling
or rag joint. It is replaced as one unit. They are available from many
sources including some local auto parts stores. They usually cost in the $50.00 range.


No, I am not talking about the Rag Joint, but thanks. I am talking about the „bell shaped“ upper steering coupling that connencts the upper steering shaft to the intermediate shaft – about 6 or 8 inches below the firewall. It has a rubber boot on top of it held in place by a retaining snap ring. Inside it has a retainer, a spring, and a bearing. Mine is worn out and very loose when turning the wheel. I see here CARS, Inc sells a replacement bearing (for $19.95 with almost $8 shipping), but they don't sell the replacement boot, retainer or retaining snap ring. I found the boot on another vendor, but they don't sell the bearing, retainer or snap ring. I was thinking about replacing the whole thing with a universal steering shaft U-joint, but it seems none are made exactly for the 64 and I would have to remove the upper steering shaft and intermediate shaft and have at least one of them if not both machined to accept a steering shaft u-joint. I guess I have to order the replacement bearing here, the rubber boot from another vendor (and almost double the price of the 2 small parts with shipping) hope my retainer and retaining snap ring are ok – and try repairing mine. Thanks everyone


how do you take off the retainer and boot on the steering column?


steering is nothing to play with but since your on the task get a 605 steering gear box and power steer from Cars 1 you will love it

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