1966 Chevy Caprice Tilt with telescopic steering wheel


I have the above mentioned car. The turn signal cam broke. Would I just need a regular tilt turn signal cam or one special one because of the telescopic steering wheel.

Mr. Bowtie

The turn signal switch is the same. The canceling cam may be the same also. Although we do not have an interchange for the tilt and telescoping tiIt cancel cams we do have part #11568 for a 1966 Impala tilt column and there is a picture of it on our website at www.carsinc.com to compare your original to. Simply type in the part number 11568 on our site and the picture will appear.

Hope this helps.

les @ mwheels of time
2 months ago

This #11568 is not it. I also have a 1966 wheel that has tilt and telescopic.

Mr Bowtie
2 months ago

Les, Although we do not carry the 1966 Caprice tilt with telescoping wheel, turn signal canceling cam or turn signal switch parts, the 1966 Corvette used the telescoping tilt wheel. Try the Corvette restoration parts places. For example try Corvette Central at 1 800 345–4122.

Ask them if they interchange and to send you a picture so you can match it to yours.

A good used Corvette parts Supplier is Tracy Corvette in Warren, Michigan. Call Tracy at 1 800 UC TRACY

The Corvette steering column is different, however the canceling cam may be the same as your Caprice.

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