283 small block 57 Chevy Bel Air, fuel pump push rod

Johnny Gardener ,,,, UK

Hi Guys, My fuel pump is running at a low pressure on my 57 Chevy BelAir 283,
so I want to remove it to see whats wrong, BUT I was told that the camshaft push rod that works the pump can fall into the sump when the pump is removed?? is that correct ?, if so, how can i stop this happening? also,,

Whats the average life of these pumps, and is a pump repair kit worth the hassle??


The fuel pump rod will not fall into the sump.Your gas tank strainer may have collasped giving you low pressure.How old is your pump 10–15 years.They are fairly cheap to buy.If it is that old start with that first,or pull the gas tank sending unit and check the strainer first.Fairly easy job but you may need a new gasket as they get quit brittle with age.If the fuel pump rods slides down and contacts the fuel pump,block backingplate push it back up into block.If it won't stay pull the backing plate off the block take the rod out put a glob of heavy grease on the rod and then put it back in the block that should keep rod from sliding back down.re-install backing pate install the pump and thats it.I just had to change the pump on my 67 camaro and had to do this.

Jphnny Gardener ,,,,UK

Hi Buddy, thanks, glad the rod cannot fall into the sump! did your pump just pack up, and you broke down, ? my pump is not very old, about 9 years now, withy little milage use, about 10,000 miles only, the tank filter has been inspected and ok,

Regards Johnny, from a wet, cold, dark, windy, pouring of rain, cloudy summer day, in England, (as if) !!


What do you call low pressure? 4–5 psi is all that is needed. What psi is your pump?

Johnny Gardener Uk

Hi, its about 3 lbs, on a test gauge, filter glass bowl never looks full?

whats the average milage life for this type of pump? Regards Johnny


My problem was low pressure as it would take about a minute of cranking to get the car started.Then one day in the garage the car would not start,I looked into the seethru filter and no gas was in it.Changed the pump and that fixed it.Goodluck


So change the pump already!!!!!!!

Johnny Gardener UK

Hi Guys, Thanks, new pump fitted, now a full fuel fuel bowl! and the push rod did not fall into the block! Thanks Johnny UK


See now that wasn't to bad a job to do.I have owned my ole 57 for 40 years and have done about everything that needed to be fixed.


did you get the coolant passages in your block cleaned out ? and have you installed new freeze plugs?

Johnny Gardener UK

Hi Guys, well thats a surprize, what a memory, re my freeze plugs, thanks for asking, firstly I am no kid, I am 65, and waiting for a hip replacement thats giving me hell, ex UK motortrade mechanic for 40 years, but no experiance of working on American cars, thats why I ask you guys first! so,,,I have owned my 57 2 door coupe pillerless since 2005, after waiting 49 years wanting to own one since i was a kid! SO,,,,, I firstly removed the leaking freeze plug, the one above the oil filter,no problem, and strangley the inner block was sludge and rust free, except for the usual rust attached to the block as expected, I could get a flexi piece of wire through the whole inner block! so it must have been a week plug from when it was fitted back in 1999, BUT to be safe, I removed the starter motor, and the plug behind it, again it was as new, so i replaced both with brass plugs, with the special tool my local garage lent me, easy, I washed the block out many times to be sure all was ok, then I replaced the anti freeze with a 50/50 mix, and thats it! some you win!! some you dont, I just hope the ones behind the gearbox are ok, but if not, I will take the box out, My thanks to all in America, I was in Florida last year, Melbourne, great time, great people, great weather, Regards Johnny

Ken Wik

when replacing a fuel pump in my 57 chevy I have trouble holding push rod up when I install the new pump. Any suggestions

Mr Bowtie

Ken, use a few dabs of heavy grease to hold the rod in place.

11 months ago

Hi. i have a 57 that I have just got on the road. It has a recon engine from the 80's but has done very little work. Lots of sludge in the motor which I tried to flush and now the oil pressure is failing sometimes. I figure their is sludge on the pickup in the sump. I have loosened all the bolts to get the oil pan off but it looks like I have to remove the from exhaust from the headers and also remove the steering to get the oil pan or sump off. Is that right? Any help is appreciated. Cheers

10 months ago

Hi. I'm tring to replace my fuel pump push rod 283 57 chevy. it will not come out it seems stuck will not move. I put a hose clamp on it to try and pry it out with screw driver, didnt work. any ideas? not much room in that area.

3 months ago


Walker the second
3 months ago

I have a 350 it is in a 1956 210 wagon the reason for cranking so much is the choke is not closing. if it is electric chance are it was never hooked up to power if it is manual same thing has to have cable hooked up and pulled before startup. Nobody uses them as were all spoiled having EFI/TBI do everything for us. i have to crank it for 20 second or more to get it to start with breaks for the starter to cool off. after it has run for a min it fires right up with out problem.

Mr Bowtie
3 months ago

Walker, Hook up the choke. The original was simply a tube from the exhaust manifold to the carburetor.

If it is electric, what kind of carburetor do you have on your 350?

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