convert single port master cylinder 55 chevy to dual 56 chevy

mike mckie

want to upgrade brakes on 55 chevy to 56 chevy(dual ports ) on master cylinder .. can I just change master cylinder and tap into existing brake system on lh side…drums all around

chevy dude

chevrolet did not put dual master cylinders on passenger cars until 1967 all 1955,1956,and 1957 chevs used a single master cylinder.

John Moyer

You need to put the front to the front cylinder port and the back wheels to the rear port.That should do it.Bleed the front 2 wheels [checking to see after each bleeding that the dual cylinder is filled ].Then bleed the rear wheels.Top off the rear.You will have to disconnect the rear wheel line from the front passenger side wheel and put a block off plug.Take the line running to the back and put and in line splice and run it to the rear port of the master cylinder.Do this part first.

Johnny Gardener

HI Mike, right the EASY answer from the UK, CARS inc do a replacement dual master cylinder, BUT its only for a disc and rear shoe conversion, BUT Ecklers Classic Chevy Ltd, do a full easy to fit replacement kit that replaces the single m/cylinder to dual, it has all you need, master cylinder, pro valve, bracket, pipes, etc,

I have fitted this kit to my 57 BelAir, the feeling of knowing that you now have 2 chances of stopping if a fault happens in the master cylinder is great, bleeding the brakes is simple, ALWAYS the backs first, furtherst away first, then the fronts, it took me half an hour to bleed them with my 65 year old wife pushing the brake pedal, so go for it buddy its $189.99, and you keep your original drums all round if you want to like me, want the car kept stock! but safety is so important in these old cars in todays traffic, regards Johnny from the UK 40 years in the UK motor trade, but many years working on 50/60s yanks, wonderful cars !!

mike mckie

thanks all I need is to borrow your wife and I'm good to go!

mike mckie

thanks johnny…

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