1949 chevy pickup - 85 s10 frame

steve mc

I have a 1949 chevy truck that I put on an 85 s10 frame & looking for inerchangeable parts. mainly a possi rear end to bolt on the 1985 s10 frame & a windsheild wiper moter to bolt in place of the vacum moter of the 49

Mr. Bowtie

The 1989 Chevrolet S10 2 wheel drive had an optional posi traction rear end. Look for one of these complete rear axle assemblies.

Go to www.specialitypowerwindows.com or call them at 1 800 634–9801 located in Forsyth, Georgia for the 1947–54 Chevy Pickup electric wiper motor kits. They make top quality complete wiper motor kits and power window kits with instructions.


I wont to change the frame on my 1949 gmc and would like to know what other frame will work that has a frames not stright axl

Mr Bowtie

Try the GM 2006 SS trail blazer frame and drive train. Chevrolet Specialty vehicles used one of these frames on a 1955–6 Chevy truck body. Google it to check it out.

5 months ago

that all?

Mr Bowtie
5 months ago

You should consider your capabilities. Mostly money, then time when considering which frame upgrade you decide on. One more is… readily available, cheap replacement parts, like brakes, spindles and control arms.

Look at the 1978–87 G body cars also. Malibu, Cutlass, Grand Prix, Le Mans. Cheap and readily available.

Great handling sub frames are plentiful from 1970–81 Camaro's also.

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