55-64 posi-unit


could you please decode posi unit case: D1864 3789812 GM T2 BM 04 21 posi unit : ARMA STEEL C-30743 3–1864B23617X also where could we obtain a bearing cap for the carrier. any info would greatly be appreaciated thanks and keep up the good work!!!!!

Mr. Bowtie

3789812 center section casting number shows late 1959 Corvette posi and late 1961 posi, 62 Corvette posi and 1962–4 passenger car posi.

BM shows 3.36:1 posi gear ratio made in Buffalo, New York plant. If the 3.36:1 gear ratio hasn't been changed over the years, you will have 11–37 tooth combinations on the pinion and ring gear respectively.

For a possible match on good used rear axle parts surf through Hemmings Motor News available at any good bookstore in the USA and/or try their web site at www.hemmings.com

George H.
7 months ago

could you please tell me what I have . 3789812 m293 d casting . Thanks

Mr Bowtie
7 months ago

3789812 is the center section casting number for 1962–4 passenger car posi unit and 1961 Corvette.

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