Saginaw Tailshaft Housing and Side cover casting #'s

Joey Summers

What year car or truck did this come out of? What kind of car or truck did it come out of? Main Case: 3925656 Tailshaft Housing: 362254 Side cover: 6261886 PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

Mr. Bowtie

Main Case #3925656 is a 1968–75 Camaro, Chevelle, or Nova Chevrolet Saginaw 4 Speed Cast Iron.

The other two numbers I do not have access to, however the 6261886 may be a 1970 and newer number?

Keep trying to surf the web or call a experienced 4 speed transmission shop. I will also look in my old Motor Manuals at home to see if there is any info and get back to you. We do not have any of the old Motors brand manuals at work but I saved them for years at home.

Norberto Santiago

I have a transmission with main case number 3925656, extension housing number is 352264, and the side cover is 6261886. Can you tell me what vehicle this is from. Thank you.

10 second camaro

You can contact by email or call 254–694–6600. They can awnser all your questions.

6 months ago

HELLO, main cast #0925666,cover #696261888, tail shaft # 14030874gm can you help me, what do I have here,saginaw

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