1979 Malibu Frame (2DR)

G.D. Roach

I have a 1979 Malibu and the frame is rusted out. Can you tell me what frames i can use to replace it ?Like a 1979 malibu 4 dr or 1979 ElCamino Or 1978 2dr? or? Thanks for your help.

Mr. Bowtie

The 1978–1987 G body GM cars used similar frames. These are the Malibu, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, LeMans, Cutlass, and Regal. The front suspensions differ with minor changes through the years, but the body mounting points should be the same.

David C.

Dr. Mr. Bowtie, I have a '79 bu I purchased with a high performance 355 in it with double-hump fuelie heads. I was told the car delivers about 330 rwhp. Will aluminum heads(i.e.dart) give me more horses? What can I do to get into the 400+hp club?

Mr. Bowtie

Get a matching combination of carburetor, intake manifold, air cleaner assembly, cylinder heads, camshaft, lifters, valve springs, headers, exhaust, torque converter, (if equipped with a an automatic transmission) and rear axle gears all to match your cars weight and the RPM range you want to drive it in most of the time. Call Edelbrock at 1 800 FUN TEAM for a complete package.

Make sure the heads and cam package will work with the pistons you already have unless you want to change the pistons, rods, and crank (the rotating assembly). You can easily make 400 plus horsepower with a 355 Chevrolet engine.


in reply to your frame issue your 1979 malibu frame 2door . the only frame that will directly interchange with no hassle is a 1978–1981 malibu 2door frame . (a bodie )others will work with modification such as monte, grandprix ,cutlas,leman­s,regal . but these are considered (g body) platform .but as i said they can be used if you cannot find another bu frame however you will need to cut off aprox 3 inches of the front of the frame and remount the front bumper ears at the end of the frame I HAVE seen an 80 bu body on an 86 monte SS frame .he didnot shorten the frame so the bumper stuck out and looked rather odd shortening the fame horns was the only modification according to the owner…


i have 1979 malibu want to know center to center wheel mesures are on these cars it is a two door


108 inches


Can a 80 montecarlo front clip be mounted to 79 Malibu easy

Otis ward
3 months ago

I have a 1979 2dr. malibu…the chassis is built very nice, but while my chassis was being built the body was removed and it was stolen… is there any other body that will fit this chassis? A friend of mine said an older S-10 body will fit it…I just cant seem to find a decent malibu body anywhwere.

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