bowtie rearview mirror

jeff bond

mr.bowtie ,i have been looking for a bowtie rearview mirror(interior) for some time now.places like classic industries,year one,and other chevy parts stores say they are discontinued.can you please help me locate one in white if not any color will do.thanks for all you'r help.

Mr. Bowtie

Jeff not sure were you may find one of these i just carry the exterior mirror with the bowtie on it.

Sherri Genovese

Well, I guess I'm the next one to ask about the bowtie rearview mirror. Is there such a thing and if there is, where can I find one in Orange County, CA. ?? I appreciate any help you can give us. Thanks !!!


I need an inside rearview mirror, would like one shaped like a chevy bowtie (chrome) I have seen them on other trucks and can't seem to find one


Thanks for the posting it is the exact one I was looking for


Where can you find the rearview mirror shaped like a bowtie?


The mirror is the exact one that I was looking for. The price however is not, is there a place that sells it cheaper?


I'm looking for the bowtie side view mirror

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