June 20th 2014 - June 22nd 2014

Back to the 50's in Minnesota  the Fairgrounds at St. Paul are beautifully laid out and have lots of grass, trees and shade perfect setting for a Car Show.   And WHAT A CAR SHOW this is !  Thereis 350 acres of fairgrounds.  There are over 10,000 cars registered and at times the rodders are shoulder to shoulder.    Since they allow up to  '62 models there is a wide range of cars at the show and everything from beautiful show cars to rat rods and all in between.

We will be at this show and many more this year. We wanted to let you know in advance, so you can get your order placed and delivered free of charge to the show (we'll also give you the show discount that you would normally get for placing the order at the show). Please place your orders early to allow time for us to have parts in stock for you before the show.