1959 Impala Convertible Weatherstrip Package With Authentic Felt Kits

This is a weatherstrip package for the 1959 Impala convertible with authentic side glass window felt kits. When purchasing this kit, youll save 15 percent. The part number for each individual part is located within the parenthesis. If you have any questions please call 1-800-CARS-Inc. The package includes the following parts: A frame seals (#1392), hood to cowl weatherstrip (#1585), vent window seals (#6157), pillar post weatherstrip (#3343), J rubber seals (#4512), front door weatherstrip (#1594), quarter window seals (#8082), side glass felt kits (#3448A), convertible top weatherstrip (#5729), rubber stop kit (#8823) and trunk weatherstrip (#3340).

Price: $593.00

Code: WKIT99

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