1956 Bel Air 2 Door Nomad Wagon Preassembled Side Panel Set -Blue/Blue

This blue and blue front and rear panel set is completely assembled (minus YOUR stainless trim). It is ready to install with nails welded to the metal edge door bands. The front armrest covers are presewn into the door panels using new armrest pads and the windlace set is sewn. The set also includes colored kick panels to match your original interior, presewn wheel well covers, rear armrest material and precovered over-the-well boards. Customer must provide us with the original metal armrest bases, cleaned and ready to use in the assembly of the door panels. There are new plastic armrest bases available.

Additional over-size shipping charges apply. Please refer to our information concerning additional labor charges for cleaning and covering armrests.

Price: $759.00

Code: 2348

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