Billet Tru-Trac Serpentine Systems -Small Block

Dress up the front of your engine with one of these Billet specialty serpentine systems. Not only will it look good, the system will help to increase efficiency of the alternator and compressor by eliminating belt slippage. Every bracket and pulley is made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and feature a mirror finish polish. These are designed to bolt right on at the water pump and align perfectly without the need for stabilizer or adjuster bars. This patent pending system design mounts between the water pump and the engine block by the positive O-ring seal. This hook up allows it to work with all head configurations including early and late models and on small and big block engines. All bolts and fasteners feature a 12 point head for optimum contact. The tensioner and water pump pulleys are hard-coat anodized to eliminate wear from the back side of the serpentine belt. A comprehensive instruction booklet is included with both the small and big block parts. Both small block and big block part applications include a new Edlebrock reverse rotation water pump, a patent-pending polished billet aluminum compressor manifold, a new polished Sanden SD-7 compressor, a polished billet aluminum compressor cover, a patent-pending polished billet tensioner engineered specifically for the Tru-Trac system, a polished billet water pump and tensioner pulleys, a polished billet aluminum crankshaft pulley, a polished billet aluminum bridge bracket, a polished billet aluminum alternator fan and pulley, a polished 105 amp one-wire Powermaster alternator, 12-point ARP polished stainless steel fasteners, a Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V serpentine belt, a new Maval manufacturing power steering pump with AN fitting and a polished billet aluminum power steering pulley.

*NOTE: This part number fits the small block engines, with A/C and powersteering models. A remote power steering reservoir is required with using the Billet Specialties Tru-Trac system. For big block systems, order #15752.

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